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Frequently Asked Questions

If you're having problems please read the Frequently Asked Questions below before contacting support.


They have blocked most of our servers. We are working on a solution.

Yes in most countries. In Iran maybe not. The app uses 256bit SSL encryption, check your local laws.

Yes. Some TV stations are not free and require separate subscriptions. See the Quick Launch section.

We provide high quality and do not log or sell your data.

For your protection, we deliver from Bahamas and develop from Denmark. We avoid requirement from EU/USA to log your data.


Press a flag, then press connect in the next screen. Wait 10-30 secs for the connection, it will show 'Internet Access Secured'. Now open your broser and surf securely or use Quick Launch menu to open apps/sites directly.

Yes, 1 day free immediately. Register with email address and get 7 days free extension.

When your account has expired, press 'watch ad' to see a short video ad, this will add 30 mins free to your VPN account immediately.


Choose subscription, pre-paid months or pre-paid GBs or just watch the Video Ads to earn time.

Yes, check the website. Connect up to 10 devices simultaneously.

Click 'My Account' on the website, then 'Forgotten Password' to reset it.


Verify your IP address has changed. It is shown when you connect and also at the top of our website.

OpenVPN (SSL) 'military grade' 256bit AES encryption with TLS.

Try another country or contact support.

We can see it but do not store it after you disconnect. Read more on the website.

Yes! Others will see our VPN servers IP address, not yours.