To access blocked websites. To ensure security from common attacks over WiFi and other means. To protect your privacy by encrypting and anonymizing your connection.

Todays internet users face many challenges, here are some:

  • Blocked TV/Video and other content etc. and blocked sites.
  • Sites showing up in the wrong language and with local content when you travel.
  • Higher prices for online content in one country compared to another.
  • No privacy, all your actions logged for years.
  • Unsecured WiFi, especially in hotels, airports and cafes. Your passwords stolen.
  • Downloading with BitTorrent is traced and logged.

CitizenVPN resolves all these issues in one single service.

When you use CitizenVPN you get three-in-one:

  • Accessibility (all sites unblocked*)
  • Security (encryption and firewall)
  • Privacy (your actions online become completely anonymous)

To read more about how it works and how easy it is to use go to the what is it? page.

* There are two kinds of blocking. We unblock all sites that are blocked by country, ISP, institution etc. If a website itself is blocking you because you are not inside their country, then we can unblock it if we have a VPN server in that country (currently we have VPN servers in: USA, UK, Denmark). For example if you travel to Spain and find that a UK site is blocking you because you are not in the UK then we can unblock it. We will continue to add more servers around the world.

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