What is it?


CitizenVPN is an unblocking and anonymizing service that protects you while you are online.

You connect to a CitizenVPN server through your existing internet connection. Everything you do online is then encrypted and passed through the VPN server which also guarantees your online privacy. Sites and services that were blocked either by the site itself or by your internet provider (or workplace, school or country) are now instantly accessible to you.

CitizenVPN works with everything you do online including:

  • Web-browsing
  • Downloading and filesharing
  • email
  • Dropbox
  • Skype
  • Gaming
  • Online Casinos
  • Online Poker
  • And everything else..


Using CitizenVPN is easy:

Configure computer or
install client software

Connect to VPN server

Done! Your connection is now:
Unblocked (all sites accessible)
Secure (encrypted)
Protected (Firewalled)

So how does CitizenVPN work?

Without CitizenVPN:

When you are surfing the net the website can see your IP-address (like a phone number to your computer). The site uses the IP address to send the webpage to your computer.

A hacker, your boss, hotspot-owner or the government would be able to: See everything you are doing. Block access to sites and services. Change content on the fly

Your computer displays the webpage... if it wasn't blocked.

With CitizenVPN:
Complete Anonymity

The website can only see the CitizenVPN servers' IP-address since you are going through it. So it sends the webpage to the CitizenVPN server.

Secure encrypted connection

The CitizenVPN server receives the webpage, encrypts it with strong encryption and sends it to your computer.

Security, Anonymity and Unblocking

Your computer displays the webpage

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We use OpenVPN and PPTP