Access geo-blocked sites like:

CitizenVPN lets you access these sites (and many more) when they are blocked because you are outside the countries they operate in

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While many TV stations around the world allow you to watch TV for FREE, directly from their website, this is often restricted to computers that are in the country of the TV station (like all the above sites).

Now what if you are living abroad or traveling and still want to catch your favorite shows?

Get CitizenVPN to access those sites. Never miss another show again.
Now you can access content & services restricted to these countries:

  • Danish VPNDenmark
  • Germany VPNGermany
  • Norway VPNNorway
  • Netherlands VPNNetherlands
  • Spain VPNSpain
  • Singapore VPNSingapore
  • Italy VPNItaly
  • Russia VPNRussia
  • France VPNFrance
  • Sweden VPNSweden
You can access any site that have been blocked by firewall, from any location in the world.

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Our VPN connection unblocks your connection so that everything on the internet is available to you at full speed.

Your ISP, government, workplace or school sometimes block certain sites and services. This means you are unable to access them or if you can, at a greatly reduced speed.

When you use CitizenVPN nobody will be able to tell what sites you are visiting or what services you are using so they won't know what to block.

No matter where in the world you are, CitizenVPN will unblock your connection.
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We use OpenVPN and PPTP