Secure your connection

CitizenVPN gives you a secure encrypted connection through your existing unsecured connection.

Connect using military-grade 256bit or 128bit encryption to stop others from seeing which websites you use, what passwords you type in or what is in your email.

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The VPN connection works by encrypting everything between your computer and our VPN server so anybody who spies on you (a hacker or a virus, your ISP, government, workplace or school) will only see some encrypted data and your actions stay private.

You can connect to our VPN using the following methods:

  • Use the free OpenVPN software that connects with 256bit AES encryption.
  • Use the built-in PPTP client of your Operating System that connects with 128bit encryption

Securely use open Wi-Fi hotspots

When using Wi-Fi in an airport, hotel, cafe etc. the hotspot is often open and un-encrypted.

With CitizenVPN you are secure. You can relax, safe in the knowledge that your connection is encrypted.

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It can be very simple for another user to see everything you are doing, read your passwords and hack your computer. A virus in another users computer could also be monitoring your connection.

While you can be somewhat safe by using a website with https instead of http, not all sites support it and to be safe you would have to check the websites' encryption certificate each time you use it. Most people do not know how to check this and it is an added worry that can easily be avoided by using CitizenVPN.

A recent article at (Cyber criminals target travelers), which was prompted by an FBI warning to travelers, explains it very well and recommends using VPN as an effective means of protecting yourself.

Extra Firewall

With CitizenVPN you get an extra firewall to protect you from computer-worms that threaten your security and privacy.

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When you connect to the internet, there are worms that randomly try to guess your IP address and connect straight to your computer.

Without a firewall you are vulnerable to attacks and an unprotected computer can become infected within a few minutes.

If you already have a firewall that's great, but CitizenVPN is that extra layer of protection you really should have.

Please note that you still need to protect your computer from other types of attacks so a good AntiVirus software is recommended, even when using CitizenVPN.
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We use OpenVPN and PPTP