Stay private while you're on the net

To protect your privacy CitizenVPN replaces your computers' IP address with one of ours.

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An IP address is like your computers' phone-number, all websites/services can normally see it so they know where to send the webpage you are requesting.

When you use CitizenVPN your connection will pass through our servers. If a website tries to trace you they will only see the IP address of our servers and not of your computer. You remain completely private.

You can see your current IP address, as any website will see it, in the footer of this website. When you are properly connected to the service this IP address will change.

Protect your privacy while sharing files

If you download or upload files through file-sharing protocols (like e.g. BitTorrent), anybody can see your IP address and ultimately track you down. You will be protected with CitizenVPN.

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When you share files with BitTorrent (and other protocols) through CitizenVPN, others can only see the IP address of our server and they therefore have no way of tracking you down.

CitizenVPN supports and allow all file-sharing protocols incl. BitTorrent and, unlike most other VPN providers, we do not log your usage so you stay private.

We believe in your right to privacy. We don't log.

Did you know that most internet providers and VPNs in Europe, USA and elsewhere keep logs of what their users are doing online?

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CitizenVPN does not log your actions. We believe in your right to privacy and have organized ourselves in such a way that we are not required by law to keep any logs (unlike most other ISPs and VPN providers).
You can read more about our no-logging policy and logging in general on our no-logging page.
With CitizenVPN your privacy is guaranteed.
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We use OpenVPN and PPTP