We do not log your IP address when using CitizenVPN

We do not jeopardize your privacy and security and therefore we do not log your online activity, what websites you visit, the time you visited etc.

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Your computer has an IP address by which it is identified. This IP address can then be logged along with the time and the IP address of the servers accessed by your computer. Most often websites and services log your IP address and in the EU, US and many other countries the internet providers (ISPs) and VPN providers do this logging.

This means that your online activity can ultimately be traced back to you.

We believe in your right to privacy and will never log your IP address when using our VPN service. This means that even if your internet provider is logging your online activity, you will remain perfectly private when you are using CitizenVPN. Your internet provider will only be logging that you are accessing our VPN and not what specific pages you visit on the web or who you are having skype conversations with and so on.

It is possible for us not to log your online activity, because our service does not fall under the EU, US or other logging regulations.

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We have based our service in The Bahamas which has very strong privacy laws protecting the consumer. This means that while you are purchasing from our Danish company, and therefore enjoying some of the strongest consumer protection in the world, the actual service is delivered from our company in The Bahamas which owns the service (with VPN servers in multiple other countries).

The Bahamas does not fall under the EU or US logging regulations so we are not required to, and do not, log your online activity.

To fix bugs, filter out hacking attacks to the site and to prevent fraudulent purchases we do log your IP address when you access the website itself.

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This log contains the IP address and a timestamp and what file from our website was accessed (f.ex. the starting page of the website).

The log is kept for up to 90 days and then it is automatically deleted.

It is important to note that this log has nothing to do with the actual VPN service, they can at most be used to prove that you accessed our website (which is not necessary in order to use the VPN service). When you use our VPN you are still protected from your internet providers (or others) logging and monitoring.

Did you know that ISPs and most other VPNs in Europe and the US and most other places keep logs of what their users are doing online?

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The EU Data Retention Directive says that a log needs to be kept of everything a user does online, what websites they visit, other servers they visit, the time they visited etc. This log is to be kept for up to two years (depending on country). Most EU countries have implemented this law.

In the US, it is similar. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) causes all ISPs and VPN providers to log usage out of fear of getting sued by content providers. Furthermore they are required to terminate your connection if you have been downloading a copyrighted file. Now, what happens if your childs' friend downloads something over your internet connection? or your neighbor uses your wi-fi without your knowledge? or you get a virus that downloads a copyrighted file?

Most likely you will get a letter from your provider, your connection can get terminated and you can even get sued.

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