What information we store


CitizenVPN is a strong believer in privacy and recognize the Clients potential need for absolute privacy and anonymity. We are proud to have taken extensive steps to ensure the privacy and anonymity of our clients.


Some of the steps we have taken to ensure your anonymity are:




By not logging your IP address when you use the VPN server, and not storing credit-card information or your name/address, we ensure that should our servers ever be raided by the authorities or by anyone else, then there will be no identifying information to find.


We take privacy seriously


We will never divulge any information about you or allow any third party to access our servers, including the authorities. Should the authorities ask for information we will only allow it with a proper court-order from a Danish court and this is only possible if they suspect a serious crime has taken place. We do not recognize any other authority and we operate under Danish law.